Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Cubanology, "Cuban Statistics"

"Cuban Statistics"

Howard E. Morseburg Comments at end of article

Imagine this headline in these Liberal Rags, the New York Times or the Los Angeles Times

Since assuming Power in 1959, Fidel Castro, according to the Black Book of Communism, has executed approximately 18,000 Cubans. Cuba's population of 10 million is 1/30th of the U.S. population of 300 million.

Multiplying the 18 thousand executions by 30 would be equal to 540 thousand (540,000) executions in the United States.


No one knows exactly how many Cubans have drowned trying to escape from tyranny in Cuba "to freedom" in the United States, but the estimated figure is around 30 thousand men, women and children who have perished while attempting the 90 mile crossing to Florida.

Since the U.S. population is thirty times that of Cuba, it equates to 900 thousand (900,000) Americans drowning if they were trying to cross from Florida to Cuba! That's close to a million. Imagine how desperately people must desire freedom to make the trip on flimsy rafts or inner tubes, through shark infested waters!


Fidelito assumed all roles in governing Cuba in 1959. Approximately twenty percent or two million Cubans have left their homeland in these past 47 years. That figure equates to 60 million Americans fleeing the United States. Which way have people fled when they have a choice between Freedom and Communism, always towards FREEDOM! We cannot even get those Hollywood Liberals, who swore that if Bush were elected, they'd move to Europe, to live. Name one who has fulfilled his or her vow to leave, who actually left! Name one, one!

During the Great Depression in the 1930s, some Americans emigrated to Russia to enjoy the great promises (lies) of Communism. Some ended up in Siberia, some were executed, and some survived all the purges and when Communism finally fell, a few still left and returned home. We now know that the Five Year Plans that the communists kept using to prove how great they were, their accomplishments were all figments of their very active imaginations.

But did you ever hear of hundreds of thousand of Americans moving to communist countries?

Did Germans flee from West Germany across The Wall to the East? If they had wanted to go, they would not have been shot and killed, as the East German border guards did to those who tried to cross to the West. Did Americans move to Hungary while Hungarians were desperately trying to escape the evils of dictatorship and tyranny? Did French citizens move to Bulgaria for a better life? Did Italians cross the sea to Rumania? Did Turkish men go to Russia for opportunity or to West Germany? They fled to West Germany, of course, because under American and British occupation, it had become a Democracy. East Germany was a huge prison, a spy state, where husbands spied on wives and wives spied on husbands and sent records to the Government.

Did Austrians move to Czechoslovakia or was it the opposite, and the people fled to a FREE country? Did Spanish people flee to Poland or Polish people flee to the Western, free Democracies?

If you wear a Che t-shirt, then my friend, go where your convictions take you. Go where you can earn $8.00 (U.S.) a month and live with Fidel and his brother, Raul. Have the courage of your convictions, and do, MOVE there. At least give us one person who will raft to Cuba for the benefits of Communism ala Castro! Just one of you Che-lovers, move, please leave here and move to Cuba. How have your college instructors failed you, not to tell you the truth about Cuba or Communism. How have they betrayed you? My eyes fill with tears when I think of their duplicity, their inhumanity through their lies.

Move, where you have to apply to the government for housing, for even a can of paint to fix up your home, where the plumbing falls apart and you cannot call a plumber, where the telephone fails to work and cannot go to a store to buy one, where there is not a skateboard to be found, nor a cell phone for your daughter. Where you cannot raise vegetables in your garden out back to sell for an extra few dollars for medicine or clothes, where it is illegal to have a yard sale, where you cannot buy a new car when you want one, nor a used one. Where you cannot afford to take a date out at night to a fine restaurant, where you cannot buy your children Christmas presents, where you cannot buy an extra pound of hamburger to feed guests. Where your daughter finds a tourist to date, to sell her body, so she can have a new dress. Where there are no toys, no roller-blades, no computers in beautiful stores, where there is no Wal-Mart, no Long's Drugs, where there is not even a decent beer you can buy to drink when you're watching a football game on a new, color TV. You cannot even invite four or five or six friends over to watch with you, because that's forbidden.

Look at your home and ask, if my government owned this, what would it be like with peeling paint, broken steps, falling shutters, buildings falling apart from Castro's neglect? Your parents' home, all paid off, suddenly is taken by the government and their life's savings gone. Your grandfather's farm, gone. Now the fields lie fallow.

Yes. Move to a country that has the highest number of prisons per capita in the world. Move to a country where torture is standard fare for those who only want a Free Press, who only want to read any book they'd like. Suffer in a small box like torture cell, as they do. Move to a country where the Government actually OWNS your children and can do anything they like with them, even teach them how to use guns in First and Second grades. Move, prove YOU are a real Communista, a died in the wool revolutionary, and go, with my blessings...as well as those of millions of other Americans. Deprive yourself of your comforts. Well, there you don't have to do so, because Castro and his police will do that for you.

Yes, I have friends who risked their lives during the heyday of Communism, to leave Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Russia and Cuba, actually took the risk of being shot or going to prison, to follow their longing for FREEDOM. YOU, who wear those Che emblems, have the courage to take a trip and live in Cuba, not in a Canadian financed fancy motel, but somewhere outside the Tourist Zone, live there for five or ten years, or a lifetime, in decrepit state owned housing and suffer the life that you wish upon the Cubans, suffer with them and learn what tyranny really is all about. But do...GO. GO. GO.

And take your ******* Che t-shirt with you. GO!
Howard E. Morseburg

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