Monday, October 09, 2006


"The most prolonged act of genocide in history" is in fact the communist, tyranical, military dictatorship in Cuba. Imposed through lies: "we are not communist, our revolution is greener than our palms" Fidel Castro to Time magazine 1960. "We will hold elections within a year", The Moncado declaration, Fidel Castro, Circa 1958-59. This diabolical regime that remains in power through brute force is not supported by the majority of the Cuban people. Cuba has the highest per capita incidence of refugees than any other country. In fact nearly 3 million of it's 10-12 million people have fled. The Castro dictatoship trades with almost all countries to include Canada, Germany, and Great Britain. These countries provide access to all the food and products of any kind that would be normally available in a free society. The problem in Cuba is not the US Embargo which stems from traditional US Policy relative to oppresive regimes, (remember the embargo against apartheid in S. Africa, the embargo against Haiti Duvalier regime against N. Korea, Irag, Iran-great company to be with by the way) and the fact that billions of dollars worth of US businesses were confiscated by the Cuban regime without due process. The other problem in Cuba aside from the obvious violations of Human and economic Rights is the fact that the Castro dictatorship simply has very bad credit. In other words, they are dead beats, they dont pay their bills, as evidenced by the huge sums of money they owe the Paris Club, the Argentinians, the former Soviets, the French etc. Moreoever, through international organizations such as of the non-alligned states, castro has systematically incited that these countries ought not to pay the debts to developed capitalistic countries. In effect he has encouraged voluntary default on these loans. As such, no one wants lend him money. This is a vile and anti-human regime that needs to be removed from power. I am Cuban and I tell you do not be fooled by this 21st century gestapo government.


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