Friday, May 07, 2010

April 24 - Four Cuban American lawyers and a Miami-based television station have launched a campaign to identify and publicly name Cuban state security agents and pro-government militants who attack dissidents on the island.

Called "Cuba, Repression ID," the project that began this week solicits public support from the Cuban exile community in the United States and also from people inside Cuba to identify, through photographs and film footage, individuals seen beating or harassing unarmed critics of Cuba's communist government.

In recent weeks, TV footage of Cuban state security agents and mobs of pro-government supporters heckling, harassing and forcibly breaking up dissident rallies and marches has drawn widespread international criticism of Cuba's rulers and renewed calls for them to free political prisoners on the island. The promoters of the "Repression ID" initiative backed by Spanish-language Channel 41 AmericaTeve say they want to name and shame identified persecutors of Cuban dissidents, both as a historical record, for possible future legal action, and as a way of trying to halt such violence and intimidation.

"Here are the images, the faces of repression," reads the advisory on AmericaTeve's website, above a gallery of 28 photographs of men and women who were captured on film breaking up peaceful rallies by Cuba's Ladies in White dissidents. Members of the public are requested to e-mail or call in the identities of those shown.

"Who are they? What are their names? Where do they work? Where do they live?" the website asks. Click here to visit the America TeVe website to see if you can identify any of those who are abusing the dissidents in Cuba.


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